Beta 1.1 Update

The beta 1.1 update is now live!

It's only been one week and already we've gotten a lot of great feedback. A major bug was discovered, some serious game feel balance was made, and we realized just how hard it is to describe this weird little game :p

This update includes:

  • New music by Rupert Cole (@RupertCole)
  • A tweaked camera system that lets you spend less time at the bottom of the screen so you have more time to react.
  • Full control during gate sliding
  • New GUI for the gates, still in progress.
  • Fixed a bug where the game ignored your input if a gamepad was plugged in
  • Reduced damage taken from all sources

Reception has been mostly positive. We know its a niche game, we're just trying to figure out how to find the right audience. We only have two weeks left in development (!!), so there will probably only be a few more updates before the Big One. Wish us luck!



Eves Drop Beta 1.1.rar 24 MB
Aug 01, 2019

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