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Alpha for the upcoming release of Eves Drop

New Year's Eve, 1999
Big Brother has gone too far.
Stop them.

You are the head of an elite underground hacking ring dedicated to stopping the largest surveillance corporation turned deep state puppet master, Big Brother. We've spent months setting up this operation. Tonight, at midnight, we'll have our chance. 

Take control of the E.V.E. program, and take down Big Brother's mainframe.
Free-fall through cyberspace.
Hack classified data.
Rewire the computer's defenses to work for you.
Enhance your program on the fly.
Get through the protocol gates and destroy the data core, once and for all!

Eves Drop is a 2D arcade roguelite about free-falling through cyberspace. Made in GameMaker Studio 1, this project has been in development since August 2018.

8points is made up of two best friends, Drew Dunaj and Jacob Mercer-Pontier. We've been fooling around with game dev for nearly 10 years, and now we want to get serious. We plan to release this game commercially, and this is our first time sharing it with the public. Any feedback, or just good vibes, is greatly appreciated :D

We would love to hear any questions/comments/concerns, but specifically we are looking for feedback on the mechanics, powerups, and game-feel. Mainly, we want to know if you enjoy it!

Want to give us feedback or stay up to date with n e w s?? Join our Discord server why not! https://discord.gg/dtrmgQB

Thanks for playing!!!

Last Update: 4/18/2019

  • New art from Kyle Templeton (@supajackle) !!!
  • Powerup system changed - now you just need to fill a bar
  • Getting squished against a gate will always kill you now
  • Veeerrrrrryyy early final boss??
  • New obstacle -  speed rings, they uh, speed you up
  • Lots of small shit

Install instructions

unzip and run the .exe


Eves Drop.rar 26 MB