Super Punchy Face - Bizarro update

We're doing some experimenting here.

Bizarro Punchy is a variant that doesn't use stamina. Punchy is supposed to be fast paced, and I think the stamina system runs against that. Removing it allows you to fight non stop, allowing you to lose yourself in the moment. 

Removing it leads to some design problems though. We actually do use stamina in this build for one thing, blocking. Don't want players to just sit there tanking. 

The bigger problem is letting players attack non stop. The quick attacks make it pretty easy to just rush an enemy and pummel them to death. There's a few ways to go about handling this, but the one I've chosen is aping God Hand - let players attack super fast, as much as they want, and give enemies some capabilities to handle it. The simplest of which is implemented in this Bizarro update; attack a blocking enemy too much and they will automatically parry you, leaving you vulnerable for a brief moment. This hasn't been extensively playtesters yet, but it seems to help for now.

 I'd really like to find a way to allow for nonstop action without also allowing players to win without engaging with every mechanic. 


Drew Dunaj


Bizarro 16 MB
Apr 05, 2020

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