Super Punchy Face - Art Update 1

We are starting to fill out the player character art!

In addition to getting more animations from the lovely and talented Kyle Templeton, I've been coding a system to make carrying props look better. I basically have an array of x,y coordinates  that match up with where the hand is in each frame of the animation. Tedious! But soo worth it. It looks really cool to see the props swinging around with the arms. It's not perfect, a few of the objects look funny, but it's a good start :) I've had a few people over the years make comments on how the characters should have psychic powers of the props are going to float in front of them. Hopefully this will look more natural!

There's a few smaller art changes in this update. There's a kneeling sprite for when characters are about to stand up. It's small change but makes a big difference. There's also a road that runs through the car levels so you can get a better idea of where they will come from.

We've got more character art coming! And we're searching for an environment artist. So excited to get a real coat of paint on this bad boy!



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May 09, 2020

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