Super Punchy Face - Update 4/23

This update introduces two major components of Super Punchy Face: Unlocking techniques, and special levels.

Unlocking techniques was a fairly controversial desicion internally, but ultimately we decided it emphasizes creating your own fighting styles. 

So, how it works. When a run ends, you can choose one of the techniques you acuired to unlock for use in future runs. You can choose any of your unlocked techniques at the very beginning of a run. That way, if you find one you really like, you can use whenever you want. You only get three unlock slots though, so you still need to think about which ones you want to save. These get saved even if you quit the game. Oh custom controls get saved too now!

I wish I had a better way to refer to "special" levels. The two that are introduced here don't really have a lot in common other than having unique elements that don't show up in other levels. 

The first has a time limit. If you don't beat up everyone before it's up, it spawns reinforcements. Not a crazy concept, but I hope it adds a little spin on how players approach the combat. 

The second is suuuper early, but it's ridiculous enough that I want to show it off and get some feedback. Basically, there's cars that drive through the middle of level. They will hit you and your opponents! It's a fun hazard, but obviously needs some more going on. I'll spend some more time screwing with the level generator for that one.

So there's actually another big change: the opening levels are about half the size they used to be! This should keep the pace up, not waste players' time by making them hunt down the last enemy, and also makes for a nice, contained arena. 

With these features, the game has at least early versions of every final element! I think this means we're alpha. But actually there is one more missing, pretty important too, the Final Boss. That one's gonna take some time. We're in the middle of getting new art, starting an original score, and writing a "story". We'll see what the next update brings, but I hope you all enjoy the new features! 

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Apr 24, 2020

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