Alpha Announcement

Today we released an update that should fix two major issues players have had with Super Punchy Face: customizable controls and unique, consistent enemy art! This is update 2 of 3 that will take the game officially into Alpha!

Enemies now have their own suit color, which should help players keep track of who's-who, and also looks very stylish :P The colors remain the same across all animations now, the result of a tedious process. I spent a few hours going through my now 5 year old animations, cutting them up and recoloring them. I'm worried that the way I implemented it is poorly optimized, but hey I'll fix it if any issues come up! 

The different colors really give the game more character and feels more grounded. The enemies look more like a gang of individuals now rather than a horde of the same copy-pasted guy.  And when you're fighting a bunch of guys at once, it's nice to  be able discern one from another. This is seems obvious, but the game has spent so long with just the one enemy type that it feels revolutionary!

Customizable controls is something I've wanted to implement for a long time, but have always been too afraid to. Pretty frequently, a playtester will ask for certain actions to be on different buttons, and I usually just make a custom build for them. I've always thought it would be too difficult or too tedious to program, but the other day I actually knuckled down and figured it out. Turns out it was a lot easier than I expected! After three and a half hours of reading through a bunch of forum posts and a lot of elbow grease, I got the mouse and keyboard controls implemented! Getting that finished made it easier to do the gamepad controls, and now everyone should be able to play just the way they like :)

The next update will shake things up by including special levels with additional goals and obstacles. Go ahead and follow us here or @8pointsgames on twitter if you want to when it drops!!

Thanks and stay safe out there,
Drew Dunaj
8Points Games


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Apr 17, 2020

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