Update, April 2 2020

I was putting off uploading this new build until I had something more substantial, but since we just got a big bump today, I figured everyone would appreciate something with a few less bugs.

And hey, if you know why we got a sudden surge of traffic, let us know! I can't figure it out what happened, but I sure am pleased


New Features

-  1 new technique (36 total) Got ideas for more? Let us know!

- Walls don't hide enemies

Balance Changes

- Reduced thrown mop damage

- Mantis Strike does more damage, shorter hit stun penalty

Bug Fixes

- Quitting from the pause menu actually ends the run

- Thrown objects don't bounce off knocked down enemies

- Black suit enemies no longer bleed forever on  a crit

- Maybe fixed the bug where enemies get caught in  a hit loop when piled up

-The speed for dodging diagonally with mouse n keyboard matches the horizontal speed

- Wall Flip actually works

- Sticky Fingers actually works

We're gearing up for some major changes. The art is coming. Kyle's Art will get filled out, and it will just become standard. We're doing some tests with the enemies, trying to find a balance between fidelity and feasibility. Check out this goofy art test

The arms are separate from the bodies, so we can get more attack angles without having to make a bunch of different animations. 

PS We're thinking of dropping stamina??


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Apr 03, 2020

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